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Will FIFA 23 be Launched on EA Play? Insights and Possibilities

Will FIFA 23 be available on EA Play?

EA Play is a popular subscription-based service offered by Electronic Arts that allows players to access a collection of games from the company’s catalog. It has been a valuable resource for gamers who want to explore titles without having to purchase each of them individually. FIFA, one of EA’s flagship franchises, is a highly anticipated game every year. The next iteration, FIFA 23, is set to release in late 2022. The question that is on the minds of many gamers is whether it will be available on EA Play.

To answer this question, we need to examine EA’s standard release schedule and evaluate the game’s perceived popularity. Typically, EA releases FIFA games in September or October of each year. They usually follow up with a more advanced and refined version around the holiday season. Therefore, considering the previous release patterns, FIFA 23 is expected to become available in September or October 2022.

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The good news is that, similar to previous games in the franchise, FIFA 23 is most likely to be available on EA Play. Electronic Arts has a habit of adding their top titles to their subscription service, and FIFA is undeniably one of their top titles. It is the most popular sports franchise in the world, with millions of fans worldwide eagerly anticipating each year’s new release. Since FIFA 22 was available, it’s safe to assume that FIFA 23 will be available as well.

There are various benefits to having FIFA 23 on EA Play. Firstly, it will give subscribers access to the entire game, allowing them to benefit from all the new features and gameplay mechanics without having to pay the full price. Secondly, subscribers can save money since paying for individual games can be expensive, especially if players want access to various titles.

In conclusion, it is highly likely that FIFA 23 will be available on EA Play upon its release in late 2022. While it is not an official announcement, past release patterns point toward the game being added to the subscription service’s library. It could be an exciting time for EA Play subscribers who are fans of the FIFA franchise.

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