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Will FIFA 23 be a free game for players to enjoy?

Question: Will FIFA 23 be free?

Answer: Currently, there is no official announcement regarding FIFA 23 being completely free. However, it is highly unlikely that such a popular game franchise like FIFA would be released for free in its entirety. There may be certain aspects of the game that are available as free-to-play, such as a demo version or limited access to certain modes, but the full game is likely to be a paid product.

Moreover, Electronic Arts (EA) – the publisher of FIFA games – is a profit-driven company and has a history of setting prices for their games proportionate to their value. FIFA games are known for their cutting-edge graphics, realistic gameplay, licensed teams and player names, and expansive features. These elements take a lot of time, money, and resources to develop, test, and maintain. Therefore, it is reasonable to expect that FIFA 23 will have a price tag, and the cost could vary depending on the platform, edition, and local market.

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In addition, the video game industry has been undergoing significant changes in the past few years, including a rise in free-to-play games and subscription-based models. However, FIFA, being still one of the most popular sports simulation games in the world, may not be ready to make this transition yet. The FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) game mode has an established in-game economy, which allows players to buy and sell virtual items and earn real money. Therefore, even if FIFA 23 offers a free version of FUT, it is likely that players will need to buy FIFA points or make microtransactions to thrive in the game and build their dream team.

To sum it up, while there is always a chance that FIFA 23 may have a free-to-play aspect, it is unlikely that the whole game will be free, given its high production value and popularity. It is advisable to wait for official announcements from EA regarding FIFA 23, its release date, pricing, and features before forming any expectations.

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