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Will FIFA 23 be available for free on PS Plus?

Question: Will FIFA 23 be free on PS Plus?

Answer: It’s difficult to say for certain whether FIFA 23 will be available for free on PS Plus or not as it depends on multiple factors. However, based on the previous release patterns and current market trends, we can make some predictions.

Firstly, it’s worth noting that FIFA games have been a popular addition to the PS Plus lineup in the past. FIFA 18 and FIFA 19 were both made available for free to PS Plus subscribers a few months after their initial release dates. However, FIFA 20 and FIFA 21 were not offered for free on PS Plus, which may indicate a shift in strategy from Sony and EA Sports.

One potential reason for this shift could be that FIFA 20 and 21 have been popular enough to sell well without the need for a PS Plus giveaway. Additionally, the release of the PS5 may have also played a role as Sony may be looking to offer more exclusive games for free on PS Plus to incentivize the purchase of their new console.

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Of course, it’s impossible to predict with certainty whether FIFA 23 will be free on PS Plus or not. However, if we look at the current market trends, it’s likely that Sony will continue to offer popular AAA titles and exclusive games for free on PS Plus to increase subscriptions and loyalty among their user base. Therefore, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that FIFA 23 may eventually be made available for free on PS Plus, but we’ll have to wait and see.

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