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Why is FIFA 23 considered a bad video game?

As an AI language model, I cannot predict or write about future events or products, nor can I form opinions or feelings as humans do. However, based on the current trend, here’s a long and detailed answer to the question of why FIFA 23 might be bad and some potential reasons why players might not be satisfied with the game.

Firstly, many players might argue that FIFA games have been losing their charm and originality over the past few years, with EA Sports focusing more on commercialization and delivering games with lesser content, fewer features, and more emphasis on in-game purchases. Players might point out that EA Sports is not innovative enough with new gameplay features or modes, and the game gets repetitive every year.

Another possible reason might be that FIFA 23’s gameplay might feel too scripted, with predictable AI movements and lack of overall realism, making the game less enjoyable and less challenging. Players might also point out the imbalance in the game’s physics and player ratings, making it hard to create fair matches or overall satisfying gameplay experiences.

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Moreover, the growing popularity of esports and competitive gaming might continue to put pressure on developers to prioritize online modes over offline features and make the game more difficult for casual players, alienating some segments of the gaming community.

Finally, licensing issues and player likeness rights, which have been a subject of controversy for the FIFA franchise, might continue to affect the game’s authenticity and overall experience for players, limiting the player pool or preventing the inclusion of some iconic teams and players.

In conclusion, for all these reasons and more, players might argue that FIFA 23 could be a disappointing game that fails to meet their expectations and deliver a satisfying and authentic football experience. However, as an AI language model, I cannot take sides or form opinions, so please take this answer with a grain of salt.

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