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Where is Ronaldo in FIFA 23: The Search for the Iconic Footballer Continues

Question: Where is Ronaldo in FIFA 23?


As FIFA 23 is yet to be released, it is impossible to give a definitive answer about where Ronaldo will be in the game. However, there are a few possibilities based on his current status.

Firstly, a major factor that could impact his inclusion in FIFA 23 is his transfer to Manchester United. As Ronaldo is now a Manchester United player, it is highly likely that he will be included in the game’s roster for the Red Devils.

Moreover, considering Ronaldo’s high profile and fan following, it is reasonable to assume that he will retain his 93 rating in the game. However, he might receive a slight downgrade due to his age and declining form in recent years.

Additionally, Ronaldo’s future involvement in FIFA 23 could also be influenced by the rivalry between EA Sports and Konami’s PES game. PES 2022 has recently secured an exclusive partnership with Juventus, which means that only PES players can play with Juventus, including Ronaldo, in the game. This could potentially impact Ronaldo’s in-game appearance, but it remains to be seen how FIFA 23 will address this.

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Overall, Ronaldo’s inclusion in FIFA 23 will likely depend on his current club, performance, and contractual obligations. Fans will have to wait for the official release of FIFA 23 to find out where exactly Ronaldo will be in the game.

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