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What Are Contracts in FIFA Ultimate Team?

What are contracts in FIFA Ultimate Team?

Contracts are a crucial aspect of building a successful FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) in EA Sports’ FIFA video game series. Contracts represent the amount of time that a player or manager is available to play for your FUT squad before needing to be renewed. Each contract card specifies the number of games a player or manager is available for and can range from one game to up to 99 games.

In FUT, you need to apply contracts to your players and manager in order to keep them available for matches. Every time a player or manager participates in a game, a contract is consumed. Once a contract expires, the player or manager becomes unavailable for further matches unless a new contract is applied.

Contracts can be obtained through various means in FIFA Ultimate Team, including:

– Winning matches and tournaments
– Completing challenges and objectives
– Purchasing them through the FUT transfer market
– Redeeming rewards or opening packs

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It’s important to keep track of your players’ and manager’s contracts, as running out of contracts for key players or your manager can negatively impact your team’s performance and limit your available options for team building. In order to stay on top of your contracts, FUT offers several tools to manage them, including an option to apply contracts to multiple players at once, the ability to sort and filter players by contract status, and a contract renewal option that allows you to renew multiple contracts at once.

In conclusion, contracts are a vital component of FIFA Ultimate Team gameplay, and properly managing them is essential to building a competitive squad. Be sure to keep an eye on your players’ and manager’s contract status, renew them when necessary, and always make sure you have enough contracts available to keep your team in top form.

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