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Get Maradona, Gullit and Pele in your FUT 23

When it comes to FIFA 23 Ultimate Team there are two main goals: To build the best possible team and to compete against others. It is the ultimate goal of every ambitious gamer. Unfortunately, to get the best players like Maradona, Gullit or Pele you don’t only need a lot of patience, but also a lot of money. In this article, I am going through all the problems you might face and how easy it actually is to win more matches and have an amazing team.

You will never reach the full potential

Before we start, it is important you realize one thing: You will never ever reach your full potential, or better to say you will never be able to build the strongest team in the game. Why? Because new players are being released all the time. In-forms, TOTS, TOTY, Heroes, and so on. Do you think you are doing alright with 91 Mbappe? Then just wait until he gets his 93 In-form cards. Or even better his 98 TOTY cards. You get what I mean. FIFA 23 Ultimate Team is built in a way that you will constantly need to invest in new players. It’s on purpose.

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Great players really make a difference

There is a reason why the gamers in the Top 100 are all having Icons or mostly similar players because great players make a difference. It makes such a big difference if you have Maradona and Pele upfront than Martinez and Lukaku. These are just facts. Especially in tight matches, the difference is magnificent. The same goes for Mbappe. It is like a cheat to have this guy up front. This makes FUT 23 a pay-to-win game because on the one hand, you won’t get these players just by playing (only if you are incredibly lucky) and you will need to spend a lot of money for FIFA Points.

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You need as many FIFA 23 coins and points as possible

Experienced gamers know this. In FIFA 23 Ultimate Team you need as many coins and points as possible. They are absolutely crucial to building the best-performing team. Without them, you will be stuck with an average team. Getting them can be difficult and expensive. However, there are some other ways how to get free FIFA 23 coins and points for FUT. For example, you could use the FIFA 23 hack for Ultimate Team. This online generator allows you to generate an extremely large number of FIFA coins without playing any matches or spending any money. The so-called FIFA 23 coin generator is one of the smartest choices you can make if you are into the game.

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