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Is FIFA 23 out yet?

Question: Is FIFA 23 out?

Answer: As an AI language model, I don’t have access to the latest release dates of video games, so I can’t confirm whether FIFA 23 is out or not. However, as a game developer, Electronic Arts (EA) typically releases its FIFA franchise in September, specifically in the last week of the month or in early October. For the past several years, there’s been a pattern of releasing a new FIFA game every year, which means that FIFA 23 is very likely to come out in late 2022 or early 2023.

EA Sports, the developer behind the FIFA franchise, has remained tight-lipped about the release date of FIFA 23. However, there are several rumors and speculations circulating on the internet about the potential features that FIFA 23 might bring to the table. One of the significant improvements that fans expect is an upgraded gameplay experience, including improved animations, ball physics, and AI for both players and referees.

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It is also worth noting that each new iteration of the FIFA franchise is known for introducing new game modes, and it’s likely that FIFA 23 will be no different. EA Sports may add more customization options to existing game modes, new tournaments, and leagues as well, depending on market demand.

In conclusion, while we cannot confirm if FIFA 23 is already available, there is a high possibility that EA Sports will release it soon, and fans can expect new features and improved gameplay experience. As of now, fans can check out FIFA 22, which was released on 1st October 2021, and enjoy the new features and gameplay it offers.

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