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Mastering FIFA Ultimate Team: A Guide to Building the Best Squad and Dominating the Competition

As one of the world’s most popular sports video games, FIFA Ultimate Team is a game mode that continues to excite and inspire gamers of all ages. In this game mode, players are able to build their own customised squad of players featuring some of the world’s top footballers, then compete against other players in online matches or offline tournaments.

With its emphasis on strategy, skill, and tactics, FIFA Ultimate Team can be a challenge for new players. In this guide, we’ll cover some essential tips and tricks to help you build the best squad possible and dominate the competition.

Step 1: Understand FIFA Ultimate Team

Before you dive in and start building your squad, it’s essential to understand how the game works. FIFA Ultimate Team is based around building a team of players using virtual currency that you earn by playing matches, completing challenges, or trading on the transfer market.

Each player is assigned a rating based on their real-life performance, with legends and special items that provide bonuses and specific stats.

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Players also have chemistry ratings, which are based on their nationality, league, and club. The better the chemistry, the better the performance.

Step 2: Choose a formation

One of the most critical aspects of building the best FIFA team is choosing the right formation. There are many different formations to choose from, each with its own strengths and weaknesses.

Some popular formations include the 4-3-3, 5-2-2-1, and 4-2-3-1. You should base your decision on your personal preference and the kind of football you want to play.

Step 3: Build up chemistry

One of the most crucial aspects of building a successful team is developing a strong chemistry between your players. To do this, you must ensure that each player is playing in their preferred position and with teammates from the same club or country.

You can also use consumables such as chemistry styles or manager cards to improve the chemistry of your players.

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Step 4: Scouting and buying players

To build the best squad, you need to scout and purchase players that fit your formation, style of play, and budget constraints.

When buying players, it’s important to consider their pace, shooting, passing, and physical attributes. You can also use the ratings and stats provided by the game to help select the best players for your team.

In addition to purchasing players, you can also obtain them from packs, completing challenges, and trading on the transfer market.

Step 5: Develop your skills

In addition to building the best squad, you must also develop your skills on the field to become a formidable opponent in FIFA Ultimate Team.

Practice your skills on the training ground, hone your tactics, and improve your gameplay to compete at the highest level.

Step 6: Participate in tournaments

The ultimate test of your skills is to compete in tournaments on FIFA Ultimate Team. These tournaments offer lucrative rewards and are an excellent way to test your skills against other players.

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Participating in tournaments also helps you earn virtual currency, which you can use to improve your team, purchase new players, and progress through the game.


Building the best squad on FIFA Ultimate Team requires patience, skill, and strategic thinking. By following the six steps in this guide, you can develop a strong understanding of the game, build up your squad, and dominate the competition.

Remember to always consider player chemistry, choose the right formation, scout and purchase players wisely, develop your skills, and participate in tournaments. With dedication and effort, you can master FIFA Ultimate Team and become a true champion of the game.

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