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Unleash Your Squad Goals: Exploring FIFA Ultimate Team on Nintendo Switch

As a passionate gamer and football fan, FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) has been my favorite mode in the FIFA franchise for years. The thrill of building a team with my dream lineup, completing challenges and tournaments, and competing against other players online is unmatched in any other game. When FIFA 18 was released for Nintendo Switch in 2017, it was a dream come true for me and other Nintendo fans who also love football. It was exciting to explore FUT on the small handheld device and unleash our squad goals on the go.

FIFA Ultimate Team Overview

For those new to FUT, let me give you a brief overview. FUT is a game mode that allows players to build their ultimate football team by collecting player cards through opening packs or completing challenges. Each player card is rated for their skills and abilities, and you can use them to create your own squad. The game mode also has a transfer market, where you can buy and sell player cards to build your team to your liking.

The ultimate goal of FUT is to compete in online or offline matches against other teams to win coins and improve your ranking. You can also participate in various tournaments and challenges to earn rewards, such as coins, players, and special packs.

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Unleashing Your Squad Goals on Nintendo Switch

When FIFA 18 was released on Nintendo Switch, some fans were concerned that the game wouldn’t have the same features as the other console versions. However, FUT on Nintendo Switch proved to be just as exciting and immersive as its counterparts. Here are some of the features and benefits of exploring FUT on Nintendo Switch:

1. Portable gaming: One of the most significant advantages of playing FUT on Nintendo Switch is the portability of the device. You can easily take the handheld console with you and play FUT anywhere, whether it’s in your backyard, on a bus ride, or during a break at work. The game doesn’t require an internet connection for offline matches, so you can play even in areas without WiFi access.

2. Motion controls: FIFA 18 on Nintendo Switch also offers motion controls, which is a unique feature not found in other consoles. Motion controls allow you to perform actions such as shooting, passing, and defending by physically moving the console or the Joy-Con controllers. It adds a new level of immersion and interactivity to the game, making it more fun and engaging.

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3. HD Rumble: Another unique feature of Nintendo Switch is the HD Rumble, which adds tactile feedback to the game. You can feel the impact of tackles, shots, and other actions through the vibrations of the Joy-Con controllers, making the game feel more realistic.

4. Cross-platform play: FIFA 18 on Nintendo Switch also features cross-platform play with Xbox One and PC players. This means you can join the same multiplayer matches and tournaments as players on those systems, increasing the player base and competition.

Building Your Ultimate Team

Building your ultimate team in FUT on Nintendo Switch is similar to other consoles. You start by opening player packs or completing challenges to collect player cards. The cards have different ratings for skills such as pace, shooting, defending, and passing, and you can use them to create your team.

One feature unique to FUT on Nintendo Switch is the Squad Building Challenges. These challenges require you to build a squad with specific criteria and rewards you with special cards and packs. These challenges range from easy to difficult and offer a fun way to earn rewards while building your ultimate team.

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Competing Online

FUT on Nintendo Switch also features online play, where you can compete against other players in various modes. Online Seasons is the most popular mode, where you play a series of matches against other players and earn coins based on your performance. There’s also Online Draft, which allows you to build a squad by randomly selecting player cards and compete in a knockout tournament.

Playing online is where you’ll truly test your squad goals and see how well your team compares to others. The matchmaking system ensures that you’re playing against teams of similar skill levels, so it’s always a fair challenge.


FIFA Ultimate Team on Nintendo Switch is a fantastic way to explore your squad goals and immerse yourself in the world of football. The portability, motion controls, HD Rumble, and cross-platform play make the experience unique and engaging. Building your ultimate team and competing online against other players is exciting and challenging, and it’s something I highly recommend to any football and gaming enthusiast.

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