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Does FIFA Ultimate Team Carry Over to the Next Game?

Does FIFA Ultimate Team carry over from year to year?

No, FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) does not carry over from year to year, meaning that players will need to start from scratch each new FIFA game release. This is because FUT is based on the current football season, and as the team rosters, player stats and game mechanics change with each new season, it would not be feasible to carry over progress from one season to another.

For those unfamiliar with FUT, it is a game mode within the FIFA series that allows players to build their own dream team by collecting virtual player cards, which can be earned through matches, packs, and trading with other players. These player cards represent real-life professional footballers, each with different ratings and abilities that affect their performance in the game.

Each new FIFA game release comes with a new iteration of FUT, with updates to the roster of available players, gameplay mechanics, and other features. Therefore, it is not possible to carry over progress from the previous FIFA game’s FUT mode to the latest release.

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However, EA Sports, the developer of FIFA, does offer some incentives for returning players such as loyalty packs, which contain player cards based on how long a player has been a part of the FUT community. Additionally, players can carry over their FIFA account information, including their username, email address and password, which will allow them to continue accessing the FUT mode on the new game release.

Overall, while it may seem disappointing to lose progress from the previous FIFA game’s FUT mode, it is necessary for the game mode to remain updated and reflect the current football season. EA Sports has provided some incentives for returning players to make the transition to the new release easier.

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