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Will FIFA Ultimate Team Progress Carry Over to PS5?

Does FIFA Ultimate Team carry over to PS5?

Yes, FIFA Ultimate Team carries over to PS5 but it requires certain steps to be taken in order to transfer the progress made on previous consoles to the new console. FIFA Ultimate Team is a popular game mode in the FIFA series where players can create their own team by collecting player cards obtained through various means such as buying them with in-game currency or opening packs. With the release of the PS5, FIFA fans are eager to know whether they will lose all progress made on FIFA Ultimate Team on the previous console or whether it can be transferred to the new console.

EA Sports, the developer of FIFA, has confirmed that FIFA Ultimate Team progress can be transferred between consoles, meaning players can continue from the progress they made on previous consoles. Players who have been using the PlayStation 4 to play FIFA Ultimate Team can continue their progress on the PlayStation 5 with certain steps to be taken. Firstly, players need to make sure that the same EA account is used on both consoles. This makes it easier to transfer game data between consoles.

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Additionally, players need to ensure that their FIFA Ultimate Team data is backed up on the cloud. To do this, players can go to the FIFA Ultimate Team menu on their PS4 console, navigate to the settings tab, and select the “download and save data” option. This saves the game data to the cloud which can then be accessed from the PS5. Players can then log in to their EA account on the PS5 console and download the saved data from the cloud to ensure all progress made on FIFA Ultimate Team on previous consoles is carried over to the new console.

In conclusion, FIFA Ultimate Team progress can be transferred from the PS4 to the PS5, allowing players to continue with their team and players in the new console without losing any progress made. This requires players to take certain steps to transfer their game data which includes using the same EA account on both consoles and saving the game data to the cloud on the previous console before downloading it on the new console.

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