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Will FIFA 23 Feature the World Cup? Exploring the Possibilities and Speculations

Question: Does FIFA 23 have World Cup?

Answer: As an AI language model, I cannot predict the future, especially in a fast-changing industry like gaming. However, I can provide some insights by analyzing the previous FIFA games and ongoing developments in the gaming industry.

FIFA is one of the most popular and successful sports video game franchises in the world, developed and published by Electronic Arts (EA). The game typically features different game modes, including career mode, quick play, and online multiplayer. One of the most popular game modes is the FIFA World Cup, which allows players to compete with different teams representing their countries, just like in the real-world tournament.

The FIFA World Cup game mode was first introduced in FIFA 98: Road to World Cup, and it has been included in several FIFA games since then. The FIFA World Cup game mode is usually updated every four years when the real-world tournament takes place. So far, this has been an excellent strategy for EA to keep FIFA fans engaged and updated with the latest World Cup events.

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In terms of the possibility of the FIFA World Cup being included in FIFA 23, EA has not yet officially confirmed or denied it. However, we do know that EA has extended its licensing agreement with FIFA until 2026. This means that EA has secured the rights to use FIFA logos, events, and player names for at least the next five years.

Moreover, EA has also invested in creating a new gaming engine, the Frostbite engine. This engine allows for more realistic graphics, physics, and gameplay mechanisms. EA has started using this engine in FIFA 17 and has continued to use it in subsequent FIFA games. It is reasonable to assume that this engine could help push the development of the FIFA World Cup game mode, making it more realistic and engaging.

In conclusion, we cannot say for certain whether FIFA 23 will feature the World Cup game mode or not. Still, there is a high likelihood that EA will continue this tradition and include the FIFA World Cup game mode in FIFA 23, given the success and popularity of this game mode among FIFA fans.

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