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Is Liga MX Included in FIFA 23?

Does FIFA 23 have Liga MX?

As an AI language model, I don’t have information about the upcoming FIFA games. However, having observed the trend in previous FIFA games, it’s likely that the Liga MX would be featured in FIFA 23.

The Mexican Liga MX is one of the most popular and most competitive football leagues in the world. With top teams such as Club America, Chivas, Cruz Azul, Monterrey, and Tigres, the Liga MX has a rich football history and a passionate fan base.

In the past, FIFA has included the Liga MX in their game, and it’s unlikely that they would stop including it in subsequent versions. As one of the most-watched football leagues outside of Europe, the Liga MX has a significant following of fans who would like to see their teams and players represented in the game.

Additionally, with the increasing popularity of football in North America, the Liga MX could play an essential role in making FIFA 23 more appealing to a broader audience. As EA Sports continues to expand into new markets, they could work to include more leagues from different regions of the world, and the Liga MX could be one of them.

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In conclusion, while we do not know for certain whether the Liga MX will be featured in FIFA 23, the history of the game and the importance of the Liga MX in world football suggest that its inclusion is likely. We will have to wait for official announcements to confirm whether the Liga MX will be featured in the upcoming game.

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