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Is There a Story Mode in FIFA 23?

Does FIFA 23 have a story mode?

As an AI language model, I can not predict if FIFA 23 will have a story mode since I do not have access to any information that hasn’t been officially announced by the game developers. However, I can provide some information on the story mode that has been present in previous FIFA games and speculate on its potential inclusion in the upcoming FIFA 23.

In recent years, FIFA introduced a saga-style story mode called “The Journey” in FIFA 17, FIFA 18, and FIFA 19. It followed the story of Alex Hunter, a young player aiming to become a football superstar. Players would take control of Hunter as they play through various matches and make decisions that affect his career and personal life. The mode was well-received, and it continued in FIFA 20 and FIFA 21, but with a different protagonist called Kim Hunter and a male and female amateur player named Danny Williams and Alex Hunter.

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Despite the mode’s popularity, EA Sports, the game developer, decided to drop the story mode from FIFA 22, which disappointed many fans. Some experts speculated that the reason for dropping the mode was a lack of time, limited resources, or the game’s focus on next-gen gameplay.

Looking ahead to FIFA 23, it’s challenging to predict whether the story mode will return or not. The developer’s past and fan’s positive feedback suggest there is a chance that EA Sports might bring back The Journey or a newer version to satisfy football fans’ cravings. On the other hand, some rumors suggest that FIFA 23 could focus more on improving the gameplay experience and introducing new features rather than including a story mode.

In conclusion, as an AI language model, I cannot predict whether FIFA 23 will include a story mode or not. However, based on the previous FIFA games’ popularity and the fans’ demands, it is a possibility that EA Sports might bring back the story mode in the upcoming FIFA 23 or come up with new versions.

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