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Is FIFA 23 Included in EA Play?

Does EA Play have FIFA 23?

As an AI language model, I do not have access to the most recent updates regarding the EA Play subscription service’s game offerings. However, FIFA 23 has not yet been released, and it is expected to come out in late September 2022. Typically, new sports games, including FIFA, are made available on EA Play at a later date, usually months after their release. Therefore, it is unlikely that FIFA 23 will be available on EA Play at the time of its launch.

EA Play is a subscription-based gaming service that provides users access to a myriad of EA titles, including classic and new games. Members of the service get to enjoy unlimited playtime on the featured games, receive member-exclusive content, and even try out upcoming EA titles through early access trials. EA Play is available on various platforms, including Windows PC, Xbox, and PlayStation consoles, with different pricing and subscription options depending on the platform of choice.

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In summary, EA Play may not feature FIFA 23 at the time of its release, but it is reasonable to assume that the game will be added to the service’s growing library at a later date. In the meantime, subscribers can still enjoy other FIFA titles that are already included in the subscription, alongside other popular EA Sports franchises, such as NHL, Madden, and NBA Live.

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